2015 – 1st Annual OADH™

The Amputees

Each amputee introduced themselves and talked about their OADH™ experience. The two youngest weren’t too keen on just talking but they agreed to be “interviewed” by the emcee Tanya Northrup Pierce. The last two gentlemen in these pictures are charter members of the One Arm Dove Hunt and attended all 43 of the hunts. Kudos to Gene Alexander and Jim McCarson. Click on any photo and this becomes a slideshow.


Golf was added to the One Arm Dove Hunt events a few years ago at the request of some of the amputees that are avid golfers. The Olney Country Club is an awesome host for this event and continues their support for this event for the OADH™. The entire event is free to the amputee golfers. This year two that had never golfed before joined in the fun.


  • 1st Place – Johnny Salinas
  • Runner Up – Travis Jaynes

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Skeet Shoot

We had a great new venue for this event this year. Thanks to the Double L Heard Ranch for hosting.


  • Above Elbow – Mike Tomlin
  • Below Elbow – Mark Kirby
  • Double Amp – Robert Ratliff

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Always a crowd favorite. The 2015 winning team is Jim McCarson (Lifetime Member) and Nick Parker (1st Time Member). What a great pairing.

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Cow Chip Chunkin’

During the One Arm Dove Hunt years, the two Jacks sat on the two “pots” and amputees and local politicians threw dried cow patties at them. The closest to the “pot” was the winner. This year two people volunteered to be the first two targets. Then once you threw, you took your turn on a “pot”.

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  • Public Official – Nancy Thomas
  • Amputee – Thomas Navarro
  • Women’s – Joyce Baughn

Visiting the Two Jacks

On Saturday morning a group of amputees and their families, members of the Northrup and Bishop families and citizens of Olney took a trip to the cemetery to pay tribute to the two Jacks.

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There has always been some activity for those that don’t hunt on Saturday afternoon. This year it was Paint Your Own Picture. Everyone gets to leave with the picture that they painted during the class. It looks like everyone had a great time.

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The Hunt

The “Main Event” has always been considered the hunt. Guns are given to the Above the Elbow and the Below the Elbow individuals that shoot the most dove during the hunt time, not to exceed the Texas State Daily Limit for Dove. This year not one individual shot a bird. Thus, no guns were awarded. However, I am told those that hunted had a great time.