OADH 50 YearsThe BIG 50 – September 10 & 11, 2021

We are working on a BANG UP CELEBRATION for the 50th Year of the OADHTM

We are looking forward to seeing everyone there.

2021 OADH Registration Form

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                                                          2021 OADH Schedule of Events


The 50 year success of the OADH can only be credited to the generosity and hard work of the citizens of Olney. Local merchants contribute money, prizes, and time, while area farmers and ranchers contribute hunting sites. Without the cooperation of all the citizens of Olney, the hunt and special events would not be possible. We are grateful to the unselfish attitude, the wonderful cooperation, and the hard work by so many in our great Olney community! Thank you Olney USA for 50 years of dedicated service to the OADH! Please visit our businesses while you are in town and say Hi and Thank You.